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2 Biarsollisy   [Материал]
A David Villa scores 2010 This movie was very well done and had great acting!! Ignore rotten tomatoes. I saw this film in Austin and yes it Won the audience favorite award! It's seriously funny and very well acted. I stumbled upon a bunch of great reviews like "the extremely funny version of Sideways". I am not sure why Rotten Tomatoes didn't publish all of those reviews. I agree with the last comment - this film seemingly underrated, at least on the RT site. Excellent. Chekhov's tension is given space and atmosphere with gorgeous detail. This really is every bit as well viewed as felt. Must rent or buy

1 TutfueskFes   [Материал]
In case you wanna be pleasantly suprised with a good story , watch this movie! Super awful. Great book, would have done so superior. The budget was not big enough, the acting too big and the book not well represented. Wish it was done by somebody who pained over it the way in which Ayn Rand pained over the novel. She spent some ten years getting it right, this movie visibly lacked a similar commitment. Josh whatshisname needs to be ashamed of directing this travesty. I've been looking forward to SUCH a long time to find out this movie, I have been previously reaserching like crazy the production dates and then any kind of info since July (Thats Half a year!). The movie is great, it shows Hilary Duffs range, as well as for a moment, I forgot it had been Hilary Duff because I was so drawn to Greta's life and attitude. LOVE LOVE LOVE This movie had to much of nothing going on. The total amount of interesting action was approximately 5 minutes (rounding up). The dialog was horrible. The acting was atrocious. Zellweger should stop, everything. She was the worst part of an already bad movie. That it was ackward and made no for good business. Jeff Gooldblum is playing an exceptionally moving role and does it with an incredible performance. You'll most likely smile you found it but will not require to see it again. The storyline is too much on occasion, buy that I mean its too much. Overall will not watch this movie when your a kid therefore you want to learn about about WWII and also the Holocaust. This is an extreme sort of the torture that Adam Stein(Goldblum) is determined through. I provide it with an 6/10.

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